common cathode on RGB Led

Howdy FolKs,
I just got my UNO and am going through toutorials. I have a easy question I think! When writing my sketch and I am using pins 12,11,and 10 do I set them as inputs for common cathode and 5V pin for anode? And yes I am a (NEWBIE)
Thanks JIM :~

No you set them as outputs. Connect the cathodes to ground and the anodes through a resistor to the output pins.

There is only 1 anode to feed + power on the RGB and 3 cathodes, if i set the 3 pins as outputs wont that be + power and the LED wont work?Radio Shack RGB Led!

Your title says common cathode, but your last post suggest common anode.
If common anode, connect the the anode to +5V and the cathodes via resistors to your output pins.
Then, write a LOW to the pin to turn the corresponding LED on, and HIGH to turn it off.

I did mention (newbie) thanks for the imput I'll try wireing it up tdy on my protoboard.