common cathode to common anode high power

I could use some suggestions for a project, this one is not Arduino related.
I want to drive some common cathode led strips to a common anode controller. I know I will need a power transistor and a couple of bias resistors for each channel. They operate on 12v and I expect most channels to draw up to 2 amps, a some may draw up to 10. Can some one suggest part #s for some cheap common transistors for this?
And the proper bias resistor value?

When I dig thru datasheets looking for something I somehow always seem to choose some exotic part and overlook the cheap steady workhorse.

Oops! Nevermind! (sort of)

Upon closer inspection, it turns out the strips are common anode, which matches my controller.

But for future reference, I would still like to hear of a solution as I could forsee running into this problem again.