common power-supply neopixel and yun

I have a 2m NeoPixel Strip with 60 RGB-LEDs connected to my Yun (correctly wired: GND of yun connected to GND of Strip Supply). Both, strip and yun, get power through one common power supply (5V regulated, 4 Amps Max current). Between Yun’s Vin pin and 5V output of power supply is a voltage regulator. everything works fine until i open the Console on my computer to get readouts from the yun. LEDs start to light up randomly.
if i change the code so that there is no more “console.print();” in it, everything works fine again.

if all LED’s are turned on i get this problem: short interruptions of LED pattern.

is it possible that >Console.print< or >all LEDs on< increases power demand to a critical level leading to a voltage drop at the power supply? yun plus strip shouldn’t draw more then 3,9 Amps

thanx for your help guys!!!

answer is yes!! just tried new connection w/o voltage regulator. everything is working fine now :))