Common Reference Electrode for Myoware sensors

Hi all,

Hoping to pick the brain of someone who has used the Myoware sensor before, or anyone knowledgeable to help for a simple question. I have a couple Myoware EMG sensors(Pololu - MyoWare Muscle Sensor) - on each sensors there is a mid muscle electrode, end muscle and reference electrode. I am looking to connect them all to a common reference location. According to the datasheet, there are 3 pins for each of the electrodes

Now I see no issue with wanting to connect the reference pins of each sensor together at the same point - thinking of this reference electrode as essentially a 'ground' connection in terms of muscle activity.

Can someone reassure me of this before I play around - id probably end up crying if the sensor stops working as they are fairly pricey in my country.

Thank you for any assistance!

Kind Regards