Comms Rack Temperature Controller (Fan + Lights + Screen)

Hi All,

I'll preface by saying that I am very new to Arduino. I'm trying to setup a controller for my communications cabinet that has a temperature controlled RGB strip light to indicate the rack temperature - Blue at 25 degrees Celsius and fading through all colours to Red at 38 degrees Celsius. Following another post I've managed to get this working:


However I'd like now to trigger 2x relays for the fans. 1x relay would engage at 28 degrees C and the second at 32 degrees C.

Finally I'd like to output the temperature to a 16x2 display and the state of both fans

[ Rack Temperature Fan 1 = Low (or Hi)]
[ 32 Degrees Fan 2 = On (or Off)]

Can anybody help me with this code? As I said, I have the RGB temp controlled lights working correctly so far but after reading though some forums/examples of relay and LCD displays I'm a little overwhelmed with mixing multiple codes together!

Thanks in advance for any help!!

If you want somebody to write your code, hire a programmer over on the "Gigs" forum. This forum is for you to try to write code and have people help you with your code to get it working/doing what you desire.

I would suggest you try this in individual steps and then combine it all together.

  1. Get the relays, try some simple examples to make the relays turn ON/OFF (some are active LOW, some are active HIGH) Figure this out.
  2. Get a LCD display and try out the examples that come with the library. Get it working by displaying what you want
  3. Combine them together. Get that working. Use lots of Serial.print() statements throughout your code to see what it is doing and make sure it is doing what you expect/want.

If you get stuck anywhere along the line, post your code (with code tags) and state what the problem is and people will help.

Good Luck!

Thanks so much, I’ll give it a good shot first and if all else fails I’ll head over to the Gigs page…

Thanks again!