Communicate between Teensy 3.1 and Ard. Nano using EasyTransfer

In my project I need a Teensy 3.1 that communicates with a Arduino Nano. I need SoftwareSerial for that as I need the USB port for serial commnication with the PC. As I need to transfer complex data structures I want to use EasyTransfer. I tried to run the Examples provided by Bill Porter but couldn't get them running. I tried two other things:

  1. exchange data by using SoftwareSerial. Just exchange one byte. That works fine. That is imho a proof that the pin connections are ok
  2. exchange data between two Arduino Nano's using EasyTransfer. That worked fine as well.

So it seems that the trouble is between the Teensy and the Nano. Anybody has any suggestions for this?



Anybody has any suggestions for this?

The usual one when someone says “My code doesn’t work. Help!”. Post the code that isn’t working.