Communicating 2 Ultrasonic Sensors from 2 Seperate Boards

I want to have an ultrasonic sensor transmitting from one board and another ultrasonic sensor receiving from another arduino board. I was wondering how the coding would look for this, if it is even possible.

Yes, it's possible, but you need to pick your u/s hardware carefully. Some ready-built devices make it easy.

Do you know the names of the ready-built devices? It would save me alot of time. I have been doing some research and can not find them.

I was thinking of getting 2 HC-SR04's and shorting out one of the transmitters on one of the sensors, would that work?

The range from Devantech has individually addressable I2C devices that can simply wait for and time echoes from pulses sent by other devices, even devices which will time multiple returns.

Awesome thank you AWOL! Ill check those out!