communicating arduino board with software

Hello All,

Please suggest dome gui development platform which should be communicating with arduino board. Whenever the user changes the data that should be updated on the board. Is this possible? I hope its. please guide me

I have no idea what "dome gui development" is but in general you can use your preferred GUI language compiled or scripted like java, C, Python, javascript, tcl to communicate with arduino via usb/serial port. Any decently supported language should be able to open and communicate via COM/tty devices.

The free and open source Processing language is what I use. Processing is somewhat like the C++ (Arduino) language so learning is easier. The IDE is quite similar to Arduino IDE (Arduino IDE is made from Processing). Communication between processing and Arduino via serial is pretty easy. There are libraries to help make a GUI. Lots of example code included with the IDE.

Hello Sir,

That was typo error (Dome --> Some). Basically we need to have UART interface/ com port (serial interface) to communicate with the board through GUI. Processing language is easy to learn?

You can use any PC programming language that you are familiar with.

This Python GUI demo may be of interest.

More recently I have been making my GUIs to display in a Browser using Python Bottle to create a simple web server. The communication with the Arduino is much the same as in the demo.

You may also find something useful in Serial Input Basics