Communicating between BlueSmirf and computer

Hi guys, I'm new to arduino and now doing a project regards BlueSmirf and Arduino duemilanove.

I've hooked up BlueSmirf and the Arduino board.. Seems working as the Stat LED keeps blinking since i powered the board up using USB cable.

Unlike other links i've saw online.. I've removed the LED supposed to be attached to the BlueSmirf. (This is the link, if you're unsure which LED i'm talking about.)

However, the website provides program which needs Processing. I'm not using processing but arduino....

In my arduino program, i just need the duemilanove to send data to bluesmirf and bluesmirf sends to computer serial port and display it.. only one way communication.

Can anyone suggest a similar link which i can take references?

thanks in advance

ok... i jus learn that blinking LED on bluesmirf means its not working yet.. -.- but still.. any link suggestions?