Communicating to Arduino Through a Compiled "Executable" Program INTERFACE


I am trying to design a project which will include a user to install an GUI application. The user will insert data to the interphase and it will send out data to the Arduino based on what the user entered. So basically I guess I am asking how to make an interface to communicate to the Arduino without using the Arduino's serial monitor. Trying to make my own interface for the user to use. How can this be done? Sadly I have looked all over the place for this. :confused:

Any help pointed in the correct direction would be awesome.


The interface to the Arduino, while it's a USB connection, is actually an implementation of a COM port. So the COM port is the serial interface. All you need to do is to choose a programming language that has the ability to send and receive serial data through a COM port, and write your code. C, C++, C#, VB>Net, Processing, and probably many more, are possible candidates.

Pick the one that you like, or that you are most comfortable with. C# and VB.Net have an Express edition that is free.

There is a whole section of the forum dedicated to issues relating to communication with software on a PC, and loads of examples in the playground.