Communicating with a PC and OBD-II interface simultaneously.


Can two serial devices communicate with the Arduino Uno simultaneously?

I am attempting to connect a PC and ODB-II connector but have had some trouble getting the ODB-II to work. Any help or advice is appreciated.


To communicate from Arduino UNO to your PC, you must be using the standard USB A-B cable. That USB port is hardwired to the RX,TX (0,1) pins on your Arduino UNO board.

To communicate with multiple serial devices you will have to use SoftwareSerial. It is very easy to use, just see the examples on the arduino website. It will make any two Digital I/O pins on your board as Rx,Tx and you can add another serial device to your circuit.

Oh and I am trying to get OBD to work, but I have no luck getting that working.

What hardware interface are you using between the Arduino and OBD?