Communicating with a UART GPS

I’m doing a project where I’m putting together a few sensors for measuring water characteristics (based on a “CTDizzle”:

I’m running on an Adafruit Feather M0 with a Featherwing Adalogger, and have a temp sensor and a conductivity sensor. All work and log data to my SD card with attached sketch.

I now need to incorporate the Featherwing Ultimate GPS (UART?) into this sketch (I2C?). I want to receive data and write my lat, lon, altitude, speed, number of satellites, fix and fix quality to the same .csv file that the rest is logged to.

How do I do this?
I’ve tried playing around with putting bits of the example codes from the Adafruit GPS library in there, but it doesn’t work, I get all zeros everywhere…

Thank you so much in advance!

Sampling_code.ino (9.13 KB)

I would start by getting the GPS example code working to make sure you have it all wired up correctly and communicating. Then I would attempt to integrate it into your larger project with data logging.

+1 on @blh64

First write a basic program that reads the GPS and prints out the information you want to the serial monitor.


Once this basic program is working well, then and only then, think about integrating the GPS into the main application.

I would suggest use TinyGPS++ library. There are many examples including a Custom NMEA parsing.

Please use < /> option to include your code.

NeoGPS.h is the best GPS parsing library available...

set the serial speed to 9600 for the GPS

know that TX on the GPS goes to RX on the Arduino

that handles most GPS problems

Hi all,
Thank you!

Yeah, the thing is that the example code from the Adafruit GPS library works great and I get good data when running that with my GPS wing on my Feather M0, the problem is incorporating that into my sampling code (too long to post, attached as file).

I'll check out the other libraries suggested, maybe that could help give me some ideas.

I see no attachment :frowning: