Communicating with Arduino Due from android with Via Bluetooh 2.0

Hello, I am working on a project where I need to write contents from a Droid X to an SD card on an Arduino Due device and must use Bluetooth 2.0 to do this. I am aware that ADK dose exist however Motorola MB810 (Droid X) dose not support the open accessory function, so I was thinking that I may be able to write an app which generates a file and sends it via BT to the SD card on the device, then from there the device can be rebooted and then load the contents of the file on the SD card. is this possible?
Note: Although the android version for the droid x is 2.3.5 the kernel version dose not support open accessory so I am looking for an alternative method as I have at least 5 MB810’s here and would hate for them to remain in storage.