Communicating with Arduino Mega 2560 using Serial ports

Thanks in advance for any help.

I am currently using a USB to TTL adapter (Link Below) and I have installed the correct drivers. I know the adapter is connected properly to my computer via system information (Picture). I used the Arduino and selected the right port with the adapter name. I have the cables attached correctly but receive no power to the system and receive a connection timed out error when I upload the program. I used the Rx and Tx; ports 0 and 1.

I am ultimately trying to get data from the Arduino to a PC using the serial monitor via the Rx and Tx outputs. In the future I will be using a battery to power the Vin but I am using the adapter power as proof of work. If there is a similar post with the same problem, please post the link, could not find it.

I know the Vin works correctly when I powered it with a battery. I also know the Arduino works when I use the USB cable that it came with.


Post the schematics or photo.

Image from Original Post so we don't have to download it. See this Simple Image Guide


We need to see how it is connected. You can have impedance problem on Tx/Rx pins or just missed DTR or RTS signal to RESET...

Sorry for the delay, just got back into the lab. I have attached pictures (hopefully I can preview them following the above guide). Please tell me more about the RTS signal.

Pictures of the middle of wires are useless. It's the ends we need to see.

Pictures of the middle of wires are useless. It's the ends we need to see.

Just ripped the USB casing off, I can confirm that the wires are connected to the right ports. Attached the pics as well.

I have attached pictures

A simple schematic drawn with a pencil and clearly labelled would be much more useful. I don't believe I can reliably figure out a wiring diagram from photographs.


I believe Budvar10 was suggesting RTS -----> Reset which gives the following connections

Black (Ground) ----> Arduino Gnd
Red (5 volt) ----> Arduino 5V
Green (Tx) --------> Arduino Rx
White (Rx) --------> Arduino Tx
Yellow (RTS) via capacitor -----> Arduino Reset

There is an example at the following link

Yes, as @sumguy wrote RTS to RESET pin on Arduono.