communicating with arduino


i need a solution to communicate with the arduino, like sending a data packet to the arduino. I know you can use gobetwino to dump data from the arduino, but i'm not sure how to send data to the arduino (basically just a text file with a line or so of text)


Have you started by looking at the examples... The ones that come with version 22 compiler. Have you looked in the playground and searched the site?

MultiSerialMega sends and receives -- so you can see how that is done.

Show us your code and maybe you can get some help.

I haven't started writing any code yet, i was just pondering the possibilities. i've had a look around and i'm still not sure, does everything have to be done/sent manually or can i use an app, like gobetwino ??

i'm interested in sending bits/bytes of binary data to the arduino for later transmission.

You can do that with GoBetwino too.

See the RFLIN commandtype on page 19 in the manual.

If you just want to send small amounts of text you can do that using the serial monitor.