Communicating with Bluetooth serial module and PC at the same time


So basically I have a HC-05 Bluetooth module that uses serial to talk to my Arduino Uno via serial. However, my pc also uses this protocol to program and interact with the Arduino. To program or access the Arduino via my pc, I need to plug out the Tx and Rx cables plugged in to the pins; 0 and 1 on the Arduino.

I have this setup mounted in a relatively closed space and would like to be able to debug the Arduino through the USB port without having to detach the wires every time. Is this possible ? Could you use different pins for communication with the pc and different one with the BT module ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Is this possible ?

Yes. You can use SoftwareSerial on any two pins (except the hardware serial pins) to talk to the bluetooth device, and use Serial to talk to the PC (and load new hex files).