Communicating with Rn-52

I cant seem to get an arduino uno to communicate with a rn-52. I would like to send it terminal commands from the serial monitor to configure the rn-52.

Ive got the RN-52 booted and pin 9 on the rn-52 grounded for command mode. The rx pin on the arduino uno connected to the tx pin on the rn-52 and vice versa.

Ive got a sketch uploaded with just

Serial.begin(115200); //the default baud rate of the rn-52

The serial monitor window is set to 115200 as well.

I'm new to this so I'm not sure what I'm missing here any help would be appricated

Are you referring to an RN52 Wireless bluetooth module like this? Dynamic Product Page | Microchip Technology

If so, and if you want to communicate with it through its UART, you will need the SoftSerial library. When you do Serial.begin() you are talking to your PC through the serial monitor, not the device. That would be on a different serial port.

Also, it would be easier to use i2c or SPI to talk to the device since it also supports those. In fact, there are already libraries written to support it RN52 Arduino Library - Doayee

Note: this is a 3.3V device and your arduino is most likely a 5V version (but you didn't specify)
Read this nice article to get you going: RN-52 Bluetooth Hookup Guide -

Thank you so much! You just got me leaps further than I was yesterday. Now all I need to do is figure out how to turn off the audio streaming portion of the chip so it only acts as a remote for an ipad!