Communicating with Wi-Fi ESP8266 through its Access Point

I'm using the ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip connected to my Arduino Uno to get information from the web.

However in order for the user to use the Wi-Fi chip it must be configured with there network via an SSID and password.

This information is not static and the project needs to work in unknown networks.

My project requires the user send this information (SSID and Password) from there mobile phone to my Arduino Uno.

My first thought was Bluetooth (Serial Port Profile Link) however that can be hard to implement using iOS and I think its unnecessary.

Can the ESP8266 chip act as an access point and assign an IP address for my phone to use. Then could I use this IP address to send information to the Wi-Fi module using simple HTTP requests?

I appreciate any help,


Though I have never used the ESP as an access point I think it can be configured as one and possibly as both an AP and Client at the same time (AT+CWMODE= ) where is…
1 - Station mode;
2 - AP mode;
3 - AP and Station mode.