Communication at 5 miles

Hello - I would like to send sensor data to a database or a spreadsheet wirelessly. My house is about 5 miles from the sensors. I was thinking of just sending an sms message to a google voice number and logging it to a spreadsheet with ifttt but started reading about LORA. LORA seems like a cheaper / free alternative but I am not sure it will make the distance. I know the specs say it can but what is it in a practical situation?


it depends on your practical situation (line of sight, interferences, ...)

It does depend on the terain etc, what is between the TX and RX, but in general that distance seems achievable with LoRa.

Practical examples of sending and receiving sensor data here;

Look for working practical examples using the BME280 sensor in the \sensor folder.

It is relatively flat terrain but it is definitely not line of sight. The sending location will be close to ground level. The receiving can be put on a second floor. It is rural so no big building but trees.

The real answer is you will not know until you try it.

Placing an antenna at heigh can make a significant difference to reception range.

I wonder if a 25-metre dish would help?


Could do, especially if you put it on a tall mast.

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