Communication between an app and multiple arduinos

Hi there!

Basically, I just ordered 6 of the brand new Arduino Nano 33 IoT for a new project I'm starting. The general purpose of the idea is to have an app, and multiple arduinos connected on the same Wi-Fi network. All of the arduinos will do the same thing, which is, to control some motors, but they will be scattered around the house. I want, through the app, to send a signal to the arduino that makes the motors work and I want to be able to send the signal only to one specific arduino, or to every arduino at the same time.

Now, the app part is not for this forum, but just for clarification, I was looking into different programs to do that: Android studio, mit app inventor 2 and blynk. Just hoping if someone could clarify which one is simpler to interface with arduino, or have some tips on that department.

But my real question, because it's far from my understanding is the network thing. How can I make the signal go from the app to the arduino? Is it doable by having them all connected to the same Wi-Fi?

If I'm not being clear enough or missed something important for you to understand, please feel free to ask me.

Thanks in advance!

Is it doable by having them all connected to the same Wi-Fi?