Communication between APC220s

Hello everyone. I am a contestant in the cansat competition and I am having trouble with the communication between antennas. My mission is to send my sensor data and other cansats data to my pc.

I have 4 apc220s working at the same time (or at least trying to).

1 & 2- connected to arduino with bmp sensor (temp and pressure sensor)
3- connected to pc through usb adapter.
4- connected to another arduino with another bmp280 sensor

The objective of my project is for the arduino with two antennas to not only send the sensor data to the pc, but also to receive data from every other frequencies and send them as well to the pc. The second arduino with a bmp sensor is only to simulate the presence of another cansat.

I programmed my arduino with 2 antennas to have one of them always working on the same frequency as the antenna from the ground station (GS), (which sends both my data and other teams data), and another antenna to scan all the other frequencies. The thing is that, for some reason, my “scanning” antenna is not receiveing any data at all, since I have already tested and the all of them are transmitting.

Here you have my full code so you can take a look. I have checked the baud rates and everything like that and it still doesn’t work. Believe me. I searched for the answer in all the other posts and couldn’t find anything that would help me.

If I weren’t too specific about something, please tell me.

C_digo_Arduino_Cansat_2.ino (4.54 KB)

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Which Arduino are you using? Use of Strings will cause the AVR-based ones to crash, due to memory fragmentation.