communication between arduino and 3rd party software

So i have this idea, but perhaps at my programming skill level, it qualifies as more of a grandiose delusion than anything plausible. I want to develop a very simple software that is convenient interfacing which liaises between the user and the arduino.

So hypothetically say there was a device with 3 servos (the real device will be a bit more complicated). The user will want to operate the different servos in different sequences and have them operate at different angles.

The user would initially use the software that operates outside of the Arduino IDE and select from three simple options; servo one, two, or three, and to what degree they want it to turn. The software would then load the appropriate coding into the IDE and subsequently into the Arduino without the end user having to use any code.

The dream involves skipping the IDE completely and just loading the code onto a USB drive that would plug into the Arduino and have the Arduino read it. Ive read that having a USB control the arduino is a little complex so I figure a SD card would also be nice but id be willing to make a design sacrifice and have the arduino plug into the computer directly if need be.

Is this possible. Im not asking for any hand holding, but after days of research, I’d appreciated a good kick in the right direction. Thanks in advance.

I believe this might be exactly what i'm looking for!!

I am forever in your debt my good friend

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There is a whole section of the forum about this