Communication between Arduino Sketch and Excel

Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum, I have been employing arduino boards on my automation projects both at school and at work for while now.

I have a question, how can mutual communication between excel and arduino be posibble?

I want to be capable of reading a RFID card ID and then send it to arduino, save it inside a variable and then compare this code (whis is frequently composed of 6 digits) with a database in an excel data sheet which will have a list of allowed card id's, and then if the RFID card read value matches any of the codes stored in the excel datasheet a digital output will be activated.

is it possible to do this?

if so, can you please give a general idea of how it would be please... :confused: :confused: :confused:



I thought PLX-DAQ was only for sending data to excel, So am I gonna be able to send data back to my arduino sketch?

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An excel spread sheet is a crappy way to create a database. Use a real database application, and you won’t have to worry about whether PLX-DAQ can be used.

is it possible to do this?

Learn VBA.

Did you check the link given? I believe it has two-way operation.

Let's see if I understand. If the human resources person adds the ID to an Excel spreadsheet the doors to the office need to open for the new ID card.

One problem is that Excel is not multi-user, so the card reader application using the Excel file will block others from using it, and if the human resources person is using the file the doors will be locked for everyone. So the first task is to find a way for multiple users to access the data. In years past I would opt for some sort of SQL/database server, but I think Git is a better solution for some of these things nowadays.

The HR person can push their changes to a Git repository so the embedded application can pull those changes (say every hour, or minute if speed is needed). I think MQTT could even be used with some of the Git hooks to drive the push notifications to topics for embedded devices that want to track when updates are available (e.g. nearly instant updates). The end result is fairly resilient to network interruption and has an audit trail.