Communication between arduino uno and mysql database

I am beginner to arduino..

I have question how to communicate between Arduino Uno and PC so that i can get data from my sensors through arduino to the PC so that i can dispay it after every one minute to my database..i plan to use mysql database. What is codes that is used in pc that can take data from arduino.

I have question how to communicate between Arduino Uno and PC

Use Serial on the Arduino side. What you use on the PC side depends on what languages you are familiar/comfortable with. The Playground has a whole section on interfacing Arduinos and PCs. You need to go spend some time there.

I use a python script that receives serial data every 60 seconds from the arduino with 15 comma separated weather data points that python sends to a mysql data base. It is surprisingly easy and does not require a lot of code on the pc side.

I am actually trying to do the same... to those who answered: is it necessary to have a wifi or ethernet shield? Is there any way to connect to a local db without the need for a shield and if so how?

Edit: I am using an Arduino Uno and I am using a Mac. I am also a beginner with Arduino, though I have my degree in Comp Sci, so the programming I will be comfortable with, I've just never worked with hardware before.

Please Paul can you give me that code..i got stuck with that codes two week now and i am not good in programming

Can anyone reply to this question? because i'm also a beginner, and i'm interested if it's possible to store data into a database using just arduino Uno and mysql DB. I'm using c++ as a programming language