Communication between Maxuino and Multiple Arduino Boards

Hi All!

In our project we have to control 20 stepper motors. Each pair of stepper motors is connected to an Arduino Uno board, so in total 10 boards.

Our question is:

is it possible to communicate from the same Maxuino patch with multiple Arduino Boards connected each one to an USB port?


if we want to have a wireless connection between the computer and the Arduino Boards, what can be the solution?

Thanks in advance to all!


1st - am not familiar with Maxuino.
2nd - do you want one to many only? or is feedback from the many needed also?
One way, have an arduino connected to the PC with inexpensive 4343 MHz RF transmitter, and the many each with inexpensive 434 MHz receiver.
“Master” sends out "Slave"address, all slaves receive it and the one with that address responds.
Can also have an “all” address, or group1, group2, etc. if several are to respond.

2nd way, if responses are required, then need a transceiver at each module. nrfl2401+ based modules are inexpensive, will need master to send to each slave, and slave to respond, for example:
Master: #1, attention
#1: #1, yo!
Master: #1, move CCW to 10 degrees
#1: #1 moving CCW to 10
Master: #2, attention
#2: #2, yo!
Master: #2, move CW to 45 degrees
#2: #4, moving CW to 45
Master: #1, status
#1: #1 moving CCW to 10

Master: #2, status
#2: #2, holding at 45

etc. for next 19 servos, or as needed.
Make it fancier if you want, clockwise, counterclockwise, different speeds, different statuses, report errors back to PC if a slave reports an error, if a slave stops responding, if a slave takes too long to move, etc.