Communication between multiple arduino & a specific website without using sql


In my application I would like to Communicate between Arduino and my website. In the website I can enter unique id to connect with a specific arduino. I know it can be done by periodically storing values in webspace or sql database. But I would like a direct communication between website and Arduino. Are there any hardware available that I can attach to Arduino which will have unique id and can be identified over internet? In short I want something like telephone, dial a unique number and specific phone will ring. I dont want to pay for static IP for each of arduino nodes. Each Arduino node should host their own webpage? Using Arduino YUN can be helpful?

Hi Parthk,

If you need to send messages from the "Internet" to a host that has the IP address dynamically assigned, or maybe behind a firewall, one option it to have the communication starts from the remote node to the Internet "server". I've a post where I propose the use of queues, in this case AMQP messages, to provide bidirectional communication between simple MCU Nodes, like AVRs or ARMs and an Internet server. It uses a RPI as gateway and RabbitMQ as broker.

Here the link:

The post doesn't show commands/code samples, but should be enough to guide through an implementation. I've been successfully using this approach for over 2 years on different projects and it's pretty much flawless.

Thank you musskopf. Article is very useful.