Communication between OLED and thermocouple sensor

Hello everyone,

So I am trying, using an Arduino UNO, an OLED SH1106 (using the u8glib) and an Adafruit MAX31856 to plot the thermocouple values on the screen. Everything flows fine. I have my welcome screen which then via a function clears and another text is plotted. All of that in the setup block of the code. Then in a loop I am getting the sensor value (refreshes over some time) and the changing value is meant to be plotted on some coordinates on the OLED. What is going wrong is that the sensor value (which is meant to be refreshed etc) is not being plotted properly. It sorts of moves across the screen instead of staying in one place (and varying) and it is half plotted. I have also utilised some digitalWrite() commands but w/out great success. In the video attached I show what I mean. I can provide you with code as well. Any insight is very much welcomed.

Thanks a lot, keep creating! (1.14 MB)

You need to provide the code !