Communication between two ESP8266 @1KHz

I want to send data from sensor connected to 1st ESP8266 to another ESP8266 at every ms.
Currently the way I am doing is by creating a server-Client communication in which the client connects to IP address and reads the data. This give me a speed of only 2 Hz(2 times in 1 second).
Code for Server and client is pretty basic, still you can view the code attached.

How do i make a stable connection between two ESP8266 so that I can send data @ 1KHz ?

Background Knowledge: Inexperienced with Arduino WiFi Library. I haven’t made this code but copied from another website. Any suggestion for Tutorial or books will also be greatly appreciated.

TUNIOT__8905.ino (826 Bytes)

TUNIOT__18690.ino (867 Bytes)