Communication between xstick and xbee


I have 1) xstick ZB and 2) xbee pro series 2 module interfaced with Arduino using Wireless SD Shield.

I want to send an integer number from the xbee arduino to the xstick. I tried with XCTU, it works fine. But, I want to write a sketch for this. I would be replacing the integer with a sensor value later on.

Suggestion required 1) Should I use AT mode or API mode 2) Should I be connecting anything with wires (for eg., ground pin, rx pin, tx pin) 3) Would using Softwareserial help


I solved this. We can use AT or API mode. It worked for both modes for me. There was no need of SoftwareSerial for this example.

But, the important point was to change the "serial select" switch on the Wireless SD shield from USB to MICRO mode. Only in MICRO mode it sends data over XBEE wirelessly and on serial interface to the computer.