Communication from Arduino to iPhone

Hello everyone!

I know that from an iPhone I can do a lot of things with an Arduino micro controller, but can I do the reverse way?

That's my project: I want to create a product that notifies me, through my iPhone, when the room light goes off. Is it possible to do?

Thank you all!

Yes it is possible but you will need to learn lot of things. If it was me I perhaps put arduino reading the light with some sensor(LDR..) then send that data to a mysql database like a Boolean value using a php with get method. In iPhone side you develop an app (in objective -C)that looks into that data using JSON and with a NSNotificationCenter Class is possible to get an alert(UIAlertView) when the light goes off or on. Of course this is just a clue how can you do it.

Arthur did you ever figure it out? I’m trying to do a similar thing. If you have pointers please let me know. Thanks