Communication from mega to arduino

here is the story:

I have conected mega arduino with bluetooth module and i have communication with my serial monitor of my PC, i am using rx/tx pins for that.

Now i need to send some data from mega arduino (as MASTER) to simple duemilanove arduino (as SLAVE)

the questions now,

how can i do that? can i use rx2/tx2 pins from MASTER?
can i connecte them like that: rx2 (MASTER)>>tx(SLAVE) and tx2(MASTER)>>rx(SLAVE)?

if yes how can i do that on code?
will the slave read data like that?
if (Serial.available() > 0) {
rx_dedomena* - '0';*
or it is different becouse data are not sent by PC?
and how can master send data on rx2/tx2? (code)

THANKS!!! chears