Communication Port Issue

I am running 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise and using an Amphenol AAS-AQS-UNO from the sensor kit. I am not able to run simple LED example code from the Arduino IDE. It shows up under Com Port1 and shows up as “Communication Port” under my device manager. Is anyone able to help me solve this issue? Attached is an image of the error it gives my after trying to upload the Blink code.

COM 1 is almost always a regualar COM port on the computer itself and NOT the Arduino.

Your problem pic would be no good in this instance.

Its an evaluation sensor board for dust

I suspect that if you remove the shield from the Arduino you may be able to see the Arduino itself.

If your UNO is a clone you may need the CH340 drivers that you can find with a quick GOOGLE.

Either way start with the UNO itself before you move onto adding shields.

Real documentation for that shield seems rather difficult to find so you may want to talk to the people you got it from first

You could also search GITHUB for "dust sensor" and weed out the Arduino ones to get a few examples to play with and try but that will be a hit and miss affair until you talk to the supplier.

Issue solved:

Thank you so much for coming back with the fix.