Communication problem with NB-IoT shield

Hello guys! I have a problem with Arduino shield from Quectel BC68 TE-B not communicating with the Arduino UNO clone itself. I am beginner with Arduino but I think that the problem is that the RX and TX is overlapping since the communication with the shield should be done through that as well. Am I right? Or is the problem somewhere else? If you need any more info just let me know! Thank you all in advance.

You haven’t really told us anything about your project, but the idea of tx and rx ‘overlapping’ is quite real.

That’s what you need to manage when you write your software.

Buffers, handshaking and other techniques are used to manage the flow of data when these events might happen.

Thank you for your answer! My project is that I need to send AT commands via Arduino through the shield on some MQTT server which can then display some data from a sensor which is also connected to the Arduino. For sending the AT commands I am using this library GitHub - thingforward/nbiot-arduino: Arduino Library for accessing NBIoT modules and I think it works pretty fine but the commands are returned as a plain text in monitor so I figured that it is not communicating well with the shield. Since I am beginner I have not heard of any solutions that you have just suggested so sorry if I am being stupid or anything like that.