Communication via two HC-05 Chips

I am currently working on a project where I have two Arduino Unos connected to an HC-05 (one set to a master and one set to a slave), an led, and a button. Each controller is connected to a computer via usb so I have two IDE's running. I ran and tested the hardware separately and it functions fine. What I'm trying to accomplish and pardon the newbie question as this is a new hobby for me, is when I press one button the other led lights up. I'm not really sure how to begin doing this. A possible problem is that when I open the serial monitor and type a random string, on the other monitor it appears as a broken string and vice versa. The baud rate for the BTserial is set to 348000. Any help is appreciated.

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Then provide the forum with the code you are using and a circuit diagram of how you have it all connected.