Communication with a HC-05 Master


I would like a guidance on a feasibility of one project.
I need to have two arduino talking to each other over bluetooth (HC-05).

I guess this is not the hardest part, there is a lot of tutorial to put one in slave and one in master.
But I also would like to be able to see the communication on my PC/Android. So the schema would be something like :

PC <----> HC-05 Master <----> HC-05 Slave

Where PC can receive (and send if possible), HC-05 Master can send and receive, and HC-05 Slave can send.

Is it possible ?
Should I use my PC/smartphone as a Slave ?


Irrespective of the device and who is master and who is slave, you are implying bluetooth<>bluetooth<>bluetooth. This means the bluetooth in the middle is communicating with two different devices. This is possible but charitably described as tedious.

I submit you are better off paying the money and getting another HC-05 , thereby enabling you to use the devices in a conventional manner. This means an Arduino communicates with another via one bluetooth and the Android via another.

I doubt that the phone can operate as a slave, and there is no good reason for it to do so.

Thank you Nick,

If I understand well, you suggest me to do this? :

Phone BT Master <---> HC-05 Slave : Arduino : HC-05 Master <---> HC-05 Slave : Arduino

If yes, how one arduino can communicate with two different HC-05?


Serial.print("Hello Android");
Serial1.print("Hello Other Arduino");

where Serial1 is either another hardware serial port on a Mega, or is a software serial configuration on a Uno or the like.

Is it possible on a Arduino Pro Mini ?

How do you create a "software serial" ? Any ressources ?


EDIT: Just found this :

EDIT2: I've made it work with three HC-05 modules and a combination of these three tutorials :

thanks again !