communication with Diecimila at 1mbps

Processing refuses to set up a link at 1mpbs with Arduino Diecimila. Seems like it is limited to 115kbps.

Can anyone help find a solution to communicate with Arduino from MacBook at 1mbps ?

I don't think the ATmega8/168 UART runs any faster than 115k, but you can check the datasheet to be sure.

It's only a 16MHz microcontroller, after all - with data coming at 1Mbps, you've only got a handful of clock cycles to act on the data before the next potential byte is received.


It runs at 1mbps with 0% errors according to the datasheet.

The cheap Atmega's running at 16mhz are very popular MCUs for fast serial communications as a result of this particular feature.

is there any other fast prototyping PC/MAC tools other than Processing for communicating with the Arduino ?

Wow, I stand corrected on the top speed. That's what I get for relying on my memory.

Many USB/RS232 devices have trouble at high data rates (way before 1Mbps). I don't know if the FTDI FT232 can stand the speed.

The Keyspan 19HS, for example, is advertised as high speed, and considers high speed 230kbps.

In addition, some applications have trouble if they rely on tight timing, since the nature of USB tends to cause bursts of traffic.

Not sure if you can do this on a macbook, without some special USB hardware. I'd be interested in hearing about your solution.


Hi. Does anyone know how to achieve high speed transfers from arduino board? 960000 bps or more.
I know FTDI chip can stand this, bacause I see it connected to other microcontroller.


For one thing, the 16mhz crystal does not lend itself to high data rates. It is not evenly divisible by the clock frequency you want. Look at the data sheet to select crystal freqency based on the baud you want. Then mod your board and the bootloader code so that it knows it is operating at a different frequency.. For example you might consider going to 14.7 mhz I believe I was told this might be able to read 960k baud