Communications Project

Hi all!

First of all. I want to say that this is the most promissing hardware project I found in the web. Easy to build, versatile and really FUN!

I found that some shields are going to be developed…

  • RFID Shield (Where is the schematic?)
  • Wireless Board (concept - roadmap)
  • External Memory (concept - roadmap)
  • And the bluetooth module…

I was wondering about the posibility of building a small prototype to send videos, games and other things via bluetooth to the cellphones in the bluetooth antena range…

The idea is to build a stand-alone system (Arduino + Shields) with a small battery and put it into a commerce with preloaded software.

It will send the videos, information, games, etc to all nearby devices. The best thing is to be able to handle lots of connections via Bluetooth with the same device…

Software for me is not a problem, the problem is the hardware…

Is possible to build this kind of system?

We have to take care of number of active connections by bluetooth modem (6 tipically).

It would also be nice to be able to build a bluetooth array stacking modules serial/parallel. Then, with the arduino card and a laptop control it to send the information to each device.

What do you think about it?

Thank you so much!
Best regards