Community Project: Duino Eagle Library

Hi there.
Since i am currently sitting under the hot turkish sun ( ) i come to strangest ideas… one of which is a community based project for the Arduino and its relatives.

Since i was having some spare time here i tried to design a pcb for a tool i might need some time later but came across the problem that i dont have my EAGLE libraries here and therefore lacked a lot of my normal parts…
so how about this community project: lets build up a library for eagle containing the more or less most used parts for Duinos? Like footprints of all the usual boards (from Dicemilia to Mega, over Seeeduino to Nano…) as well as many parts we always search for… like simpliest connectors to Mux chips and so on… What do you people here think about this?

It would be nice to throw all the eagle files into one folder, since every time I need to find one I have to search the specific board’s site (although it’s generally not hard to get hold of the eagle files, it takes some searching).