Compact LED controller for 8 LED strip or string.

Hi, I am looking for a controller that would manage up to 8 addressable LEDs. individually. On/off, color, and brightness via a small remote. This needs to be a compact package for the project powered by battery. I am not very savy when it come to writing code or electronics period. This is a one time build and spending hours, days or weeks learning how to do so seems futile. There are a lot of small controllers out there that would fit my needs other than they have presets that apparently cannot be changed. Any ideas? Can I pay some one to build this please!

Topic moved here as it is the right place to ask for paid help

@hburtts - hopefully someone will come forward to help you but they will need more details of your requirements so be prepared for questions

Good luck with your project

Hi can you give me more details. Send me a PM. We can have a chat.

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