Companion Cube led array driving

Hello all, I'm new here and very much a newb when it comes to electronics. You might have seen my companion cube on youtube or techpowerup forums (or if you haven't here is a link ) but I need some assistance specifically with arduino and the ins and out of what you can and can't do.

I've just spent the last 2 hrs playing around with some simple sketches and changing them to suit 4 of the 29 arrays that I intend to program for the finished product and made 4 arrays fade in and out, surprisingly wasn't too hard but I know I'm only scratching the surface. I will detail the components I am using just a bit later but first to give you an idea of what I'm trying to achieve in this project. So there are 29 led arrays in total, of which I would like to have all capable of PWM. That will give me the option to fade in and out, blink etc etc. I would also like to make the arrays sound reactive but I haven't researched that all that much.

Parts list: 2 Arduino MEGAs 2 Sensor shields to suit each MEGA 8 Mosfet Power FET bricks (each switch handles 10A with 4 switches per brick) About 40 G/V/S cables 2 USB cables 12 vdc 20A power supply

Managing to make 4 arrays work properly I can apply that to the other PWM digital I/O's but that only gets me 14 (off 1 arduino), some of the issues I'm having of wrapping my head around how this is all connects (ideally just via 1 USB cable to the computer). Well that is the main issue because of wanting so many (29) PWM I/O's.

Some research has pointed me down the path of making a master/slave setup, using the RX and TX I/O's but then I would lose 2 of my PWM I/O's to communication between the arduinos ( or can I use some of the other comms I/O's on the MEGA to facilitate that??)

Next would be the programming side of that, having 2 arduinos and using the same numbered I/O pin on each board but to activate different led arrays (arduino1 pin4 --> led array 10, arduino2 pin4 --> led array 23 for example), I know that sounds a bit messed up but hopefully you get what I'm trying to say :~

Any help will be appreciated

here is a pic of the mounted arduino MEGA and the 8 mosfet Power FET’s, now I just have to connect it to the led arrays and power

You can use one of the other available hardware serial ports on the mega or even software serial on whatever pin you like and to the first mega ( master) it would get the full code and have all your array variables 1-29 When the master wishes to alter any of the arrays thatt are pysically on the other mega you would have it tell the slave to do it, the slave doesn't need to know anything about the first half, just to interpret the serial command and alter its pwm outputs

Hi Cube,

Have you seen this thread?,66988.0.html