Comparators and OP Amps with wide common mode input voltage range

Wouldn't it be nice if such a basic, essential spec like common mode input voltage range were filterable on digikey/mouser/etc's online catalog?

I was looking at parts for a project, and realized I didn't have a good idea of what specs were available w/regards to the input common mode voltage range for opamps and comparators.

Everyone knows the ubiquitous LM339 and it's ilk have common mode voltage range that only goes up to Vcc-1.5v (2v in cold temperatures). But the '339 has been around since before I was born - so I figure there must be comparators with a wider common mode voltage range available. Does anyone know of any, or better yet, a site where I can filter/search by this?

I realize that for comparators, it's easy to work around this.

But for opamps, even a dead simple use case is a problem - say I want a voltage follower to act as a buffer. An opamp with rail to rail output? Easy. But you need the common mode voltage range to include the full range of voltages you want to buffer. If this is also rail to rail, now my requirement is for a much less common part - how do I find an appropriate opamp?

What am I missing here? This is one of the most essential specs of an opamp or comparator, and I can't find any way to search on it or identify parts that meet the needs of an application short of reading through each and every datasheet until I find one that has the range I need.

Try manufacturer’s web-search engine, TI & Microchip have In/Out rail-to-rail check box/selection list.

If you want a good (5V only) rail-to-rail opamp, I'd recommend the AD8656 dual opamp. Very low distortion, fully rail to rail, very high output current, pretty fast, very low noise, low input offset.