Compare 4 int values and find the lowest value ?

i have 4 int values and they can be different to each other or they can be equal,i want to write a programme to find what are the lowest values and how much of them…


lowest value=3,
lowest variables are val2 and val4

any help …

thanks in advance

Do you know how for loops work? Are you familiar with the function min().

If yes to both, then you should be able to solve your problem. I would make two functions, one to find the minimum value and the other to look for how many of that value.

I'll give you a Karma point if you can combine both into one function that returns both values.

The simplest thing would be to put the values into an array and use a FOR loop to iterate over the array. Something like

lowVal = myArray[0];  // just to start it off
for (byte n = 0; n < 4; n++) {
   if (myArray[n] < lowVal) {
        lowVal = myArray[n];


Why not use the min function?

void setup() {
  int val1 = 5, val2 = 3, val3 = 10, val4 = 3;
  int minimum = min(min(val1, val2), min(val3, val4));
  Serial.print("Minimum is ");
void loop() {}

Sweep through the list once to find the lowest value, sweep though a second time to find which values equal it. O(n).

THANK YOU GUYS problem solved :D