Compare the values within an array and extract the corresponding index


I have two arrays. Array 1 is Y[0],Y[1],Y[2] and Y[3]. Array 2 is X[0],X[1],X[2] and X[3]

How to find the highest value of variables within array 1? If Y[2] is the highest value, how to write a code to show that the best value of array 2 is X[2]?

Thank you.

Is this a homework assignment for a class?

Post the code you have tried and explain what happens.

You can iterate through an array and save the index value and value of the highest data found using a for loop

Where are you stuck and where does the second array come into it ?

Sounds like an X-Y problem.

Is my school project. I don’t have code since I totally don’t have idea on it.

the second array, X is my input and first array, Y is my output

can you show me a simple example code? Thank you.

Sorry, but I still don’t understand what you want

Please describe your project and how the code you are looking for will be used