Comparing a value to number saved on EEPROM

Hello ,

I have a Capacitance Water Level Sensor Project I am working on. For starters I am making it a point level sensor. So when water touches the probe A light will go on. ( Eventually it will activate a ball Valve.)

So I have a button when pushed it will save the value of the probe when tank is empty in EEPROM
how do I compare this value stored in EEPROM to the current sensor value ??

For the second part of this I plan to have it be a variable sensor. I will add another button, so there will be a calibration reading for when the tank is empty and when the tank is full. When empty the output will be 0 V when full 5 V.

for help

Read it back from eeprom and compare using if statement?

I suggest that you post your code (using code tags).

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That way we will have an idea what you're doing and can advise better.