Compass module, temperature sensor, and LCD readout in Car

I purchased a brand new 2012 Honda Accord, and come to find out I do not have a temperature reading in my car, which any new car should have!

I have read about arduino for a while and would like to delve into getting acquainted with motherboards....etc.

I would like to have a arduino unit I can hook up to my car USB for power and have it be able to display the temperature and compass heading.

I will need a arduino board that will support 4 components including the motherboard. I will need a compass module, temperature sensor and a lcd screen, and arduino board.

Is this plausible to use my USB port in my car? What kind of minimum motherboard will I need to support a temperature sensor, compass module, and a lcd readout? What type of board is the holy grail of arduino that can handle many components and functions and is very versatile?

I do have programming experience, but I would like to purchase a board and sensors ASAP as I am in the vicinity of a massive electronics store that sells these components.


There is no holy grail but with what you're trying to do, this along with a cheap display and a temperature sensor would eat this project with plenty to spare

Is there any other board that I can use? Like a official arduino board(blue)?

A "Uno" would do same, you'll need to source a gps module separately though

basically, you're looking at 2/4 pins for gps depending how you drive it 7 pins for display 1 pin for temp sensor

How will my driving affect the pins for the GPS? This Uno will have enough connections, is that correct?

equilibrium: How will my driving affect the pins for the GPS?

driving = talking to / data retrieval lol

haha, Read it wrong, sorry its going to be going in my car and thats what I was thinking. I really appreciate your help and look forward to building this!!!

imho for pure cost scenario, the cutedigi combined gps would definitely be the way to go

That is what I am thinking, after seeing the price of a gps unit. Although if i get a uno is it possible to use this, as all I am concerned with is the compass direction?

I would have reservations about using this only because you are in a car and it is low-field magnetic sensor, who knows what implications car indicators, general unsheilded wiring harnesses could do to this guy