Compass not working on brand new Arduino Robot

Greetings all,

I just unboxed my new robot, and was running all the sample programs to make sure the robot is fully operational.

Whenever I test the compass, using the included sample code, I get nothing but the value "0" coming up on the LCD display. Is it possible that the compass is bad, or is the code incorrect? If you'd like me to post the code, I can - but it's the code that came with the Arduino IDE.

Thanks in advance for your help -

What sort of compass is it ?

It is the compass that comes pre-installed on the Arduino Robot kit.

I can't give you anything more specific than that unfortunately. All I can say is the compass isn't a 3rd party add-on - it's the one that already comes surface-mounted with the robot (which is precisely the reason I bought this particular kit, due to everything I need already being bundled).

Hope this helps a little bit.