Compatibility of Charger and Battery

Hi all,

I am looking at this battery:

And want to charge it with this charger:

However in the description of the battery it says:

Battery cannot be charged with anything but a specialized Lithium Polymer charger

So what I am wondering is can I charge this battery with the charger I mentioned above?

Thanks very much,

1A is half of the full current capacity of the battery so you would be charging it at 50%.

Before actually charging a battery I would measure the resistance of the resistor that is shown as the charging current program resistor.

READ page-3 of THIS (look for RPROG

You could start by changing the resistor to 4k (3.9k) to reduce the charging current to 400mA.
If the battery doesn’t heat up you can cut the value in half and try again .
If it doesn’t heat up you can lower to no less than 1.2k for 1A charging current.

The battery should not heat up. You should not charge it unattended untill you have verified it is not heating up. Allowing it to heat up could result in the battery puffing up which indicates damage.
If can get slightly warm but not hot, without being damaged.

OK, thanks raschemmel!