Compatibility of GOlang with Arduino

It's been a bit since I've done anything with Arduino, but I'm looking to create a POC for a project, which I will use Arduino for.

I was wondering if there's any way to program an Arduino using GOLang instead of just C/C++? I searched for a bit and the only forum thread I found was this one, which is 3 years old. (I went to post a reply and saw the notice recommending I create a new post instead of reviving an old thread).

If its not currently possible, is anyone aware of any accepted feature request for it that would potentially allow for this in the future?



You must install Firmata on your microcontroller before you can connect to it using Gobot. You can do this in many cases using Gort (

In other words, you're not programming the Arduino with GO, you're writing a GO program on the host pc and communicating with the Arduino running a special sketch that's designed to let the Arduino interact with host programs ("Firmata")


Go was designed for writing servers. : The canonical hello world program goes from 2.3MB to 1.6MB

Based on those statements, I would say that it is extremely unlikely that GO will ever run directly on an Arduino...