Compatibility of GSM shield

Hello, I am Karthick Ashwath , an electronics hobbyist with a not so big budget.I want to use GSM. I have two choices:

A) I could buy the Genuine Arduino shield and try to stretch my budget (It costs 140$ in India)

B)I could buy a clone shield which costs only 32$(Here's the link:

But the problem with choice B is that I do not know whether the code would be the same, would it use the same two pins for communication, etc.

I am on a small budget so please tell me which of the to choices would be a wise decision. Thanks, KA.

Code written specifically for the Quectel M10 (official Arduino shield) will not work on a SIM900. There are some commands that are specific to each chip. The examples provided with the IDE are for the official shield, but before you commit to buying take a look at the board further down that is for that product.

Is the seed studio board similar to this one?Or should I use different commands for different sim900 boards? Please help.It is urgent. Thanks, Karthick Ashwath

I would definitely love more information.

All SIM900 based shields use the same commands. I cannot say that the SIM900D (etc) shields will use the same command set, but I imagine that there will be subtle differences because they are subtly different devices.

You will have to look at the datasheet / schematic for the shield you are considering purchasing to see if the pins it uses for communication, power, reset, RI, are the same as the official board. But why would it matter unless you are going to try and use code written for the M10 with a SIM900?

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