compatibility question

looking at the serial enabled lcd display on amazon.... its significantly cheaper then ones iv found from other sources like adafruit or spark fun but seems to be the same thing. any reason it won't work or is a bad buy? it will be used to display temperature readings and plugged into an arduino uno r3.

The quality of these cheap devices varies dramatically. I generally find the cheaper items work fine but I often purchase more than one since there's a chance one might not work.

I try to purchase things from Adafruit and Sparkfun every now and then since a lot of these devices use code produced by the higher priced vendors.

The nice thing about buying things from Adafruit and the like is the help you can get if you have trouble making the item work.

ok:) well ill definitely be needing a lot of help with this project so ill go right to adafruit. thanks for the input:)

With Amazon, sometimes you are getting it from somewhere like SainSmart that doesn't seem to know proper ESD protection procedures and will ship it to you merely in a pink bag, or worse a plain clear plastic bag. They should all ship in silvery grey static shielding bags.